Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nobody puts baby in a corner

My sweet darling girl,

I am so glad that you have found yourself, your self esteem and your never ending need to "me do it". I must say, I am proud of all your bossy, self-assured sassiness. I am happy to have a little girl who will not take no for an answer,is willing to take what she wants in life (and in Mommy and Me). I think we are so worried about our girls being "nice" that we squash the innate sense of power and drive to succeed that is natural in toddlers. I will not raise a daughter that apologizes for natural brassiness, her desire to be on top and do things her way. I think it will serve you well in life. It is expected that your brothers behave that way, why not you? I hope you always retain your strong sense of self determination and independence.

Now if you could just plan to tone it down from the ages of 2-18 I would appreciate it. Be as sassy, self determined and head strong as you want to be (in College).

I love you

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The Mommyologist said...

Cute blog! I have a little one with a mind of his own too, so I can relate!