Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dinosaurs on the Move

I was recently sent the book Dinosaurs on the Move through the Left to Write Book Club to check out. My boys are want into dinos so they were psyched to check it out. The pictures in the book are really beautiful, they have pictures that are in color and ones that the kids can color in. My boys were a little slow to warm up to the activity because of all the cutting. Once I did one with them, they spent the whole afternoon cutting the dinosaurs out and putting them together with the brads. They then decided to have a dinosaur zoo and made a whole scene with the dinosaurs and the name plates. I really loved that these figures inspired creativity and cooperation between my kids (ages 5 and 7). The figures were pretty easy to put together. I liked that ABC's on the back, it made it easier for my 5 year old who does not read to get his dino together. I bought small brads, I wished I had bigger ones so I could have just hole punched the dinos and they could have put the whole thing together themselves.  I must admit, I was just as happy to color, cut and assemble as my kids were. There was something very therapeutic about coloring in the pictures. Guess we really are never to old to color! My 2 year old sat with us and colored also so it ended up being a fun activity for all of us.  I am excited to hear how other book club members liked the other book in the series so I can decide if I am going to get the other one. My boys now have all the dinosaurs in a folder and do take them out and play with them. They have held up pretty well considering they are paper. I don't usually buy books like this because I feel like I end up throwing the stuff away. These kind of reminded me of the paper dolls that I had when I was little. They are something that you can end up playing with over and over again. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poop (don't read unless your ready to know more then you want to)

I blame this on my kids, all the months they spent laying on all of my internal business has come back to haunt me. Well, them and the fact that I turn 40 in a few months. Tomorrow I go for my first colonoscopy. Katie friggin Couric made it look so damn easy when she put on a damn smile and let the doc scope around like it was a day at the beach. So tonight as I am writing from my remote office (with the window open) The directions for this for 24 hours except for clear liquids (and white wine does not count, I asked) and then drink 2 liters of butt poison at 6 and 9 PM so you spend the entire night praying the potty does not back up. All, I know is that the drugs tomorrow better be good, the results even better and the wine waiting when I get home.

Monday, August 9, 2010


My spam box is so full or promise and miracles I had to share them with you. According to June Chatman, she can make my manhood "a major one" which is awesome because last time I checked, I had no manhood.

Once my manhood is major, Marie Erwin is going to help me "be like a stud with her" and then Debra Bowles is going to teach me how to try some "durable love acts".  Now that my manhood is a major durable love actin stud, I am going to have to get "an elixir of hot nights" from Ana Benitez so that I can "make my willie stiffy", which according to Denise Aldrich, I need also.

 If I ever start to get "down", Ethel Paige has the "best cures for male dysfunction". With all of this up and down, elixir, stiff willy stud love actin, I am going to need to find a way to relax at night. Luckily I am able to find a wide variety of Percocet, Vicodin and Ritilan suppliers like nonope and suppo. Wonder what kind of man I would be if I was able to be all of the things these ladies promise me.........



gotta love


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Tonight as I was putting my daughter to bed, I thought of 100 other things I “needed” to do. I was anxious to get her into her crib and just have some time with no one touching me, asking me for something yelling to have their needs met NOW. I still rock her to bed (no judging!) but tonight I just wanted to put her in to bed and be done. As I walked her into her room and said good night, I heard the familiar “rock me”.  I sat in the rocking chair for a hurried rock and into bed with her. Something came over me tonight, I felt a little tugging on the inside that said, slow down. Savor this, before you know it she will not want to be rocked. Hold on, everything else can wait. Rock your baby. So I settled back into the chair and rocked her. I sang to her, savored the smell of her hair and the sweet way she nuzzles into my neck like the space was heaven made for her sweet face. My oldest child is now 7. I don’t remember that last time I rocked him, when I had my last sweet baby kiss or changed his last diaper. That time is gone and I don’t remember. So I find that I hold onto my last baby a little longer. I hold her more, rock her more and don’t feel the rush for each stage to end so things get easier. My days with 3 kids are hectic to say the least, I am counting down the hours until bedtime some nights, wishing for school to start or their dad to get home. I made a comment about it on Facebook yesterday, wishing the summer over and my boy’s back in school.  My sister gave me a reality check. My niece who is in her 20’s is moving on, moving, some place not by her mommy, life has swooped her up for an adventure and she is spreading her wings and welcoming the adventure and challenge. I know my sister is happy for her and this is what she has raised and prepared her for but to have one more night to rock that baby would be priceless. Does she clearly remember the last night she let her rock her to bed, the smell of that sweet baby hair? Yes my kids make me crazy and I don’t feel like a get a chance to breath and there is always someone nipping at my heels for something but this time is going to be gone. In a blink, gone. I know it is cliché, we all know they are only little once blah blah blah. When was the last time that you really savored it. Stopped caring if the dishes were done, the beds made or the floors were clean and just savored the moments of your child’s day, their time with you? I have to make myself slow down, really be aware and say, stop, stop cleaning, stop running errands and sit down and play, play LEGOS again, dress the same doll for the 10th time today because some day there will be no LEGOS to build with and no dolls to dress. I hope you that when you sit down to play with your kids, put them to bed or help them tie their shoes, you will savor that moment. No matter how tired you are, how annoying they may have been an hour ago or how sick and tired you are of the fighting the kids have been doing, make an effort at some point during the day to savor a moment. No matter how small, savor a sweet moment it may be the last time they will need you to tie their shoes, tuck them in or want a kiss goodbye in front of their friends and when that last time is gone, you don’t get it back.