Monday, August 9, 2010


My spam box is so full or promise and miracles I had to share them with you. According to June Chatman, she can make my manhood "a major one" which is awesome because last time I checked, I had no manhood.

Once my manhood is major, Marie Erwin is going to help me "be like a stud with her" and then Debra Bowles is going to teach me how to try some "durable love acts".  Now that my manhood is a major durable love actin stud, I am going to have to get "an elixir of hot nights" from Ana Benitez so that I can "make my willie stiffy", which according to Denise Aldrich, I need also.

 If I ever start to get "down", Ethel Paige has the "best cures for male dysfunction". With all of this up and down, elixir, stiff willy stud love actin, I am going to need to find a way to relax at night. Luckily I am able to find a wide variety of Percocet, Vicodin and Ritilan suppliers like nonope and suppo. Wonder what kind of man I would be if I was able to be all of the things these ladies promise me.........



gotta love



Brittney said...

LMAO! thats fabulous!!!

Veronica said...

Hahaha. My spam has been alternately 'man stick enhancing' products and spam for anti-depressants. Fun, right?