Saturday, February 6, 2010

I hate everyone in Dean and Deluca

My usual setting of serenity became a house if horrors for me this week. In between a morning play date and  a noon Dr appt, on a horribly rainy day, I drag my darling daughter into D/D for lunch. After picking up our $6 a pound fruit,  I venture over to get her 2 slices of cheese. The cost for these 2 slices $4! I asked the women if that was correct, She then explained to me that was the cost of a grilled cheese sandwich. Well then, make me a sandwich. Off we go with our $10 kids meal to wait in line and wait and wait. Meanwhile, my precious daughter squirms out of my arms for a little walk (run) away from me. Before I can even step out of line no less then 3 people make a comment about my wandering menace to society. I run after her and snatch her up. The lady at the cheese counter say's "she's a quick one". The woman who was behind me in line who is now in front of me because I stepped out speaks the kiss of death "well, you have your hands full". I am sure my head spun and I flashed red. I looked at her and said with as much sickly sweetness as I could muster, "You've just forgotten what's it's like to have a toddler". I then promptly announced to myself (the store) "people are so quick to judge mom's and slow to help them". I think my cashier almost passed out and was for sure looking for a panic button.

To top off my delightful experience, I could find no place to sit people were holding tables waiting for their other childless friends to show up and eat a quiet lunch as I drag my screaming, hungry, tired toddler through the store looking for a place to feed her. We finally settle at a bar stool and high table where I am confronted by a barista who rolls her eye's at me when I ask her to bring me a glass of water (which I am unable to get myself because I could not find a chair to sit at that my child can't fall out of)

So I don't hate everyone in D/D just all the judgy people who don't have kids or have forgotten (blocked out) how difficult it is some day's to have a squirmy, tired and hungry toddler and turn their nose up at mama just trying to survive.


Stepping On Cheerios said...

Great Post! I totally feel your pain. You were looking for me? Here I am with my new blog:)

Rebecca said...

Sooooo annoying! I have never actually stepped foot in D/D even though I grew up in NY ( was Long Island, but close enough)!

Danifred said...

Stupid biatches! That's why I only go to Wal-mart where people only make me feel better about myself. :)