Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday....I'm back! Miss Me???

I am back from a much needed break from my crazy house....Spring Break ends tomorrow....I drank more Margarita's in the last week then I have in 15 years. All in all, I would say I am primed to make it through this week with few bumps.
Alas, it is Sunday, my day to bare it and share it. This week. I come clean about a little hidden neuroses I have.


I am not a great house keeper by any stretch. I am not dirty but I lack some serious organizational skills. I also hate to clean, I find it to be so frustrating to spend hours on end cleaning and within 5 minutes of my kids entering the house, it looks like I haven't cleaned in weeks.

 I feel like everyone I know has a cleaner house then I do. I cleancompare. I am sure that all of my friends maintain perfectly clean houses with not a drop of dirt on the floors and I can barely clean up from breakfast.

I find it so hard to keep on top of every little nook that needs to be cleaned. I have had a house keeper which has helped some, I just wish she could come every day.

I panic when my friends drop by that they will notice every little imperfection of my cleaning abilities.

~sigh~ I am sure most people do not notice the arrant dog hair that I missed on the floor or the toothpaste that did not get cleaned up from the morning but I can't seem to let it go and not cleancompare.

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Tricia said...

I am sooo stinkin guilty of this and I also played along.. hope you had a great spring break. .we will have to chat over a pseudo glass of wine and talk someday.. hopefully before the kids send us to our own homes