Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dear Boys (including the big boy)

I am sorry I did not provide you with an instruction manual for operating the following 


Dish Washers



I feel like I have had given you instructions several times for these but I understand that boys develop slower then girls so in the interest of science, I repeat myself (again). Over the next few days I will provide you with operating directions to the items in our home that seem to puzzle you the most. 


The clothes that lay on bathroom and bedroom floors do not get washed. Unless you are planning on hand washing them in the bath tub that you throw them by. 

The door is not locked. You can open the laundry room door to put your clothes inside. The door operates just like the door to your bedroom. 

The laundry basket is divided into 2 sides. Lights and darks. Please place light items in the LIGHT side and colored into the DARK side. 

If you project some type of bodily fluid onto your laundry, please inform me so I can treat it accordingly.  I do not appreciate mystery smells while washing your clothes. 

If you run out of underwear please check the stack of laundry that has been sitting on your dresser for 2 weeks. 

Please remove all items from your clothes, gum, pens, rocks, stickers and notes home from school do not fair so well in the washer and dryer. 

Your clothes will be returned to you in place them in the laundry. If pants are inside out with underwear still attached, this is how they will be washed and returned. 

I hope that this clears up any confusion about laundry practices in our house. 

Tomorrow we will learn how to operate the dish washer and the magic things that can happen when a sponge hits a pan! 


Rebecca said...

Awesome...it's amazing, right? Thankfully, I'm already brainwashing the Crazies to put their clothes in the hamper before their baths. I stopped doing Husband's laundry long ago b/c there's just too much of it. I loathe laundry.

Looking forward to hearing what happens with that sponge/pan situation!

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Oh my goodness, this cracked me up! The things I have to look forward to :)