Saturday, July 17, 2010


I love my kiddos (usually) but sometimes I have to use a great deal of self control to not look at them and yell DUH!!! This little wave of poor parenting over took me last night when we were on our way home from a birthday party. The kids had been give these erasers that until last night I had managed to keep out of my house. These  erasers look like different items and some apart like a puzzle (read a million little pieces for me to step on, keep out of baby girls mouth and have to find for a screaming crying child when he can't find one of the damm pieces).

My son picked a soccer ball

and these balls come apart.....into 4 pieces......

As we are driving home my 5 year old begins to ask me 50 questions about box is what I think he is talking about

because he is asking the following questions.....

How do they get the box tops on there

Where do they put the box tops

What happens to the stuff in the box

Why do they do that

and it goes on and on for 10 minutes, I am questioned like a damm box top thief about these friggin things. Finally he says...well how do they make em green.....hey babe their not green....yes mine is see.....(he holds up the soccer ball).....Um child, that's not a box top, it's an ERASER.....Oh.....

I managed to refrain from slamming my head into the window and thus forcing me to convalesce in a hospital with my eyes bandaged so I don't have to look at this crazy parallel universe I live in.

To make matters worse, he drops one of the 29 pieces of this stupid thing and then begins to cry about his BOX TOP! Help me Jesus....I know I'm a Jew but I need reinforcements at this point in my life.

Guess should be used to it, this is the kid who licks his shoes.......

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Brittney said...

lmao thats too funny