Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Funny

I had such a manic weekend I could not get my Dirty Laundry post done in time. I have pictures I need to get scanned in and round up the soundtrack so I may get it done tomorrow or it may wait until next week. So today I leave you with the funniest thing said at my house this week.

Friday I am driving the boy's home from school and hear the following conservation

Oldest boy #1 is in 1st grade
Younger boy #2 in in Pre K

#1 "Hey #2 are you A.P.T?"

#2 "Uhhhh Yes?"

#1 (breaks out into hysterical laughter) "Ahhhhh your a pregnant teenager?!! Bahhhhh"

After I ran the car off the road in shock that my 6 year old just said that, I found out where he learned this (school) and told him if I heard it again I was telling his Principal (the only person he is afraid of) and then told him I would home school him (he said he would rather go to military school).

My poor 4 year old was so confused he say's to #1 "Are you S.M?"  :hahaha your Superman"


Cara Mamma said...

hysterical funny! and I would add---you are SW (super woman)!

Danifred said...

I can't believe that THIS is the stuff I have to look forward to. Geeeeezzzz :)

Ellemes said...


And I love your threats!

Cybil said...

My kids learn all kinds of things on evil bus 102 (that's what the hubby and I call it!) We could see their innocence declining as soon as they started riding the school bus!