Sunday, February 14, 2010

Come Clean!! It's Sunday Confessional

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My people (*) only confess once a year, my husband's people (+)  confess weekly (I think they can confess whenever they want but I'm not sure) for those of you a little slow on the uptake, I am Jewish, he is Catholic.

Anyway, I agree that confession is good for the sole and maybe I should do a little more of it. So I am going to have a weekly confessional, no judgment, no advice, just a good old fashioned soul cleansing confession.

I have a cute little button for it (can't figure the damm thing out and the text is too small so feel free to help) and I don't get the whole Mr Linky thing but I add my name to one every time I see a blog with one. But if you want to confess with me please do so, just link back to me. You can take this button until I have made a new one. I will replace it when I make a better one (this whole parenting thing keeps interrupting).


I have gone as many as 3 day's without a shower

I am not proud of this but sometimes, it takes all I have just to get out of my warm bed to deal with my kids (at 6AM, remember they can't sleep past then), get the kids fed, dressed, myself dressed, get my kids out of the house, get to work, get home, get my kids, make dinner, clean up, finish my glass of wine (trumps all other events of the day), keep the kids from killing each other, get them into bed and keep from collapsing at 7:30 so I can pretend to have a meaningful conservation with my husband before I drop dead. So something has to give, and it's a shower. I have never been a very sweaty person and I do wear deodorant and don't get to close to any one. But it is true and I am not sure I feel as bad about it as I should.

Your turn, confess your sin for the week


Danifred said...

I've gone days without showering. It's the one thing that I give up so that I can get things done or just sit down and relax. Isn't it a shame that even a shower can be too taxing on some days???
I'll have to join you next week and skip one of my weekly winner posts!
I have plenty to confess :)

Cara Mamma said...

I agree that wine trumps a shower...and I too have gone without a shower. I have even gone without a shower after having gone for a run or to the gym. I know, gross. :)

The Mommyologist said...

I've gone three days before too! Earlier this week I went for 2 days...just didn't have the time!

My sin for the week? I have to pick just one? Hmmm....

I was actually relieved last night when the hubster and I got home from our Valentine's Day date that he was too tired to um, you know! I was way too tired too!