Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I may never eat Sushi again.......

 Hey Hey It's what I meant to say Wednesday! (do you love my fancy rhyme, no charge enjoy) Don't forget to visit Chief and show her some love.... 

Last week a dear friend of mine who recently moved to the coldest place on earth where she had to have some guy come and melt the ice off her friggin house and has a snow crew on retainer (who's crazy here) came back for a visit....of course a girls night is in order

New sushi restaurant in town perfect~

We all sit order our wine and make note of the fish bowls with fish in them and floating candles (ooo the irony of live fish at your sushi table)

as the evening comes to an end one of the fish decides he has had enough and makes a break for it...jumps from the bowl and lands on the table

Thankfully we were done we sit stunned only 1 out of the 8 were able to keep our wits about us and rescue the poor little guy and it wasn't me (good thing nothing more serious happened, we were freaking useless in the face of an emergency)

We spent the rest of our time there watching waiting to see what would happen, was he going to die? Have a heart attack, live?

We gather up to leave when we are confronted by the manager. He wants to know how our meal was...really...our meal's first cousin just tried to kill himself on our table
The saver of the fish tell's him what happened and his response? 

Wait for it 

Wait for it...

"Well, that's what fish do" 

Ummmm no they don't jack ass

 And really, is there anything more disgusting then finishing a meal of dead fish then to have one try and kill it's self in front of you as if to say
"Nooooo not love I will join you in fishy heaven"

So no jerk, it's not what fish do, there is no meant to say here because it was said by 8 annoyed chicks who don't keep their mouths shut

And really who the hell puts live fish on the table where people eat dead fish? 



Deb said...

OMG...Laugh out loud funny...thanks so much for the afternoon pick me up :)

I'm one of those girls with a snow crew on retainer. Your friend must live near me, cause I swear I live in the coldest place on Earth.

Shell said...

That's really bizarre. Maybe the fish was trying to kill himself before he was killed for someone's dinner?

Rebecca said... totally would have peed myself! I can't believe his reaction though (in his defense, when I was snorkeling in St. Maarten, the fish did actually jump out of the water...I had a panic attack b/c fish aren't supposed to do that!)!

Brittney said...

hahahaha poor fishy!!!!! your story was too funny...

Danifred said...

Okay, that is very bizarre and very funny! I think the poor little guy was making a run for it.

Cybil said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! That is great!

Ellemes said...

I totally agree with you - who puts live fish on a table at a sushi place - creepy!

LOL at the story though!

Chief said...

Holy crap! that is the funniest story I have ever heard! I have never known of a place that would keep live fish on the table.

I just picture them pooping and stuff

and then the suicide attempt!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

That's just what fish do? Where did y'all eat? Freakin' Sea World? Too funny!