Thursday, March 4, 2010

I suck and I need attention

 I suck

I was given a blog award recently by one of the cool chicks who reads my ramblings and I did not address it right away and I have forgotten who it was. I can't find the comment with the link and I feel really bad about it. So I hope you didn't break up with me and that you will give me the link again so I can thank you and pass on the love.

Here is my formal apology

I need attention

I know there are a lot of blogs out there but because I think I am filled with awesomeness and should have a world wide following of adoring fans I have been given the blessing of go ahead from one of my favorite blogs Rants From Mommyland  

to steal use one of there brilliant ploys   ideas to help tell the world about my awesomeness so this week I am starting the 

The Crazyville Memorial Day Challenge  

Between now and Memorial Day I need your to help me get me to 1000 fans on Facebook and 150 Blog Followers.

 The purpose behind this little stunt brilliant idea is to help get some advertising and give away's on my blog so my husband will get off my case about all the time I am on the computer I have some cool stuff to give to you and earn a little extra money so I can buy myself something pretty (you want me to look good for you right?)

The winner will be chosen from my current 55 followers and 105 original Facebook Fans at random through the Google random picker do hickey thingamagee so everyone will have a fair shake (unless you send me cash)

The prize will include the following:
  • Some selected reading material to make you snort and laugh 
  • A Starbucks gift card so your children will feel more tolerable for a few sips 
  • Snacks so yummy you will sneak away from your kids and eat in the garage so you don't have to share
  • A surprise (or 2)
On my Facebook page, under my profile picture there is a link that say's "suggest to friends" Click on that and suggest away. Let as many people know as you can how to find me.

So stop hanging out here and go about our brainwashing mission very important business!


tina said...

Rebecca - you are so funny!!!! Thanks for giving me the smile that my morning coffee has yet to provide.

Rebekah said...

I'll see what I can do to rally some troops!

Shell said...

I can't help you with fb b/c I don't do f/b, but I'll see what I can do about getting people over here to follow.

P.S. Here's how I keep track of awards: as soon as someone gives me one, I save the award to my computer and save it as the name of the blog that it came from. :)

Cybil said...

I will spread the word.

Lydia and Kate said...

We soooooo want to win!!
xo, Lyd and Kate

Lydia and Kate said...

btw, could you post title be more awesome??

Danifred said...

You crack me up!
I'm here for you, I've got your back!

Rebecca said...

Woohoo!!! Those are some serious ambitions! Here's to getting your husband off your ass (unless you want him there)!!! (Delete this if it's inappropriate...I won't be offended)