Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF and my new word (that I may let you steal)

Holy I never thought Friday would get here. This week was filled with so much mamadrama I thought I was going to have to bitch slap someone by day's end. But I digress

It is time for Friday Night Leftover hosted by the ever talented and lovely Danifred over at Sippy Cups who BTW has an AWESOME give away going on right now so scoot your booties over there after I am done with ya here and enter!

My son's have hit an all time low this week the Heir (Oldest boy) and the Spare (middle child and youngest boy, how damaging is it to call him the spare, oh well, therapy is on me. It's always the mom's fault any way)

Highlights from their enlightened conservations this week:

Heir to Spare "Why do you ALWAYS pinch my nipples"
Heir "Hey move your big booty"
Spare" Mommy why is daddy F.A.T?"
Spare "I know all the F words but I am not telling you because I don't want to go to time out"

Brilliant, I am so proud of the fine young men I am sending out into the world

I bought Just Dance for the Wii but I am too chicken to play along with Shell and Supah's Just Dance Yer Bloggy Off  (but you should because your are a rocking dancer and I totally think you will win)

But we have had a family dance contest the winner get's to keep the Rock Dog in their room for the week. The dog dances and sings to what else...."Who let the dogs out" duh! If I can figure out how to Vlog (fancy huh) I will post him for your to see. The winner for the husband. Really you have never seen a grown man so happy about beating his kids and wife at a friggin video game and no I am not a sore loser I would have totally smoked him but he had a bad week at work and I wanted him to feel better.

New Word....

I have a dear friend who seems to live a parallel life to mine. We share a lot of the same struggles, same philosophy of parenting. She is my friend that I can call and say "I sent N to school with no underwear DSS is coming to take my kids" and she responds "that's awesome" and then tells me some shitty parenting act of her's. She is the mom I talk to on the phone while I make dinner and drink a glass of wine while our kids are watching TV studying and learning to become better citizens of the world. She yells the same crazy shit I do at her kids "stop throwing stuff from the stairs" "get off your brother" "go somewhere just not here"

She is my Mom-A-Like

I really don't know what I would do with out her. Everyone should have a Mom-A-Like and if you do....take my word and my sticky and write about her.

And finally for Friday a reminder to hug your kids a little longer today.

A Blog Buddy of mine Rebekah over at Mom in a Million has a good friend who's daughter has been diagnosed with cancer so send good thoughts over to her at her rockin blog.

A women I went to High School with passed away recently from her 4th battle with cancer. She had cancer when we were in HS and never let it slow her down. She left behind 2 beautiful little girls. Here is a link to a story about Heather and a way to support her beautiful girls.

My kids make me crazy and some days I want to run away from them but I don't know that I could have handled Heater's situation with such grace and courage

Have a great weekend



Stepping On Cheerios said...

Mom-A-Like! I LOVE that! Great Leftovers!

Puck takes his underwear off when I'm not looking and hides them all over the house. I guess he likes to go commado!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the shout-out and the call for warm fuzzies for my friend's daughter!

Danifred said...

I love the idea of a Mom-A-Like.... now, where do I get one of those? All I can seem to find are Mom-I-Hate.

Ellemes said...

I want a mom-a-like, but unfortunately my best mommy friend is a mom-I-don't-want-to-be...sigh...

She's not a bad mom, but I just don't agree with her on most parenting stuff.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Mom-A-Like...I love it!

Mandy said...

I have been wanting to get the dance game for wii!! I SUCK at dancing but I think it could be fun, and a good work out.

Lydia and Kate said...

Crazed Mama of Awesomeness,
We fully intend to steal Mom-A-Like(but will of course link back to you for creating such a masterpiece).
I think it could have two meanings, though. One is the meaning you described and the other is what you say when you see Matthew McConaughey jogging shirtless. "Ohhh! Mom-a-liiike!"
What do you think? I know I am too stupid to be allowed but it still made me giggle.
Love your awesome blog!
xo, Lydia

Crazed Mama said...

OOOO Lydia I like the the dual meaning because mom-a-liiiiike to see him jogging on the beach also! Great minds think a like my friends!!