Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm a liar......My Dirty Laundry

Happy Sunday! I hope you will play along and air some of your dirty laundry on your blog too. I don't have Mr Linky set up yet so go a head and leave your link in your comment!

My dirty laundry for today, well I had 2 and I was having a hard time deciding so I decided to tell you what I lie about....I lie about toys and there whereabouts to my boy's.

You know all those little toys they come home with in goody bags (sorry mama friends), the toys from the Happy Meals, they all go to the same place

I sneak them in any time I can, the kids are sitting at the table, I'm cleaning up the playroom....oops Darth Vader falls into the trash. In their rooms, making beds....oops there goes a Kung Fu Panda.

Call me heartless, I am sure I could donate them, give them away etc but they find them. They are savvy little pack rats and the always manage to find anything I try and hide from them. Honestly, there is only so much of this

and this

That I can take. So, I lie to my kids, I tell them I have no idea where their annoying Alvin and The Chipmunks toy is that wont stop making noise and makes me want to scratch my eyes out. I have no idea where it is.


Theta Mom said...

What a fun meme! And welcome to TMC!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia said...

I am in like flynn.. I know your shocked.

Have you ever done the school day purge? about twice a week I go through rooms while they are at school and toss stuff. Only twice have I ever heard "what happened to..." but the Happy meal toys.. that's a different story in our house. David has Aspergers Syndrome. We keep those around because he likes small toys in his hand and those are great for "prizes" when he has a rough day.

Danifred said...

Not only do I throw the kids' "toys" away, but I also regularly through my husband's crap away too! :)

Frugal Vicki said...

That is a fun meme, I will have to add it to my meme page!
Those little toys just add up way too fast, don't they?

Cara Mamma said...

My problem is that I usually get caught---she remembers 6 months later that she has not seen something. I usually try to plant the seed that the missing toy might be at her dad's house! :)

Masala Chica said...

I throw out all the stupid toys from mcdonalds. I will avoid getting happy meals because they annoy the crap out of me - those silly little plastic toys with small pieces that get EVERYWHERE.

I am not the best at memes - but enjoyed reading this. Nice to meet you Candace!

Laura said...

I put Roo's in the diaper bag. That way if she drops them under the bleachers at a game I don't care. Drops one on the floor of some disgusting place? there it stay.

Loco YaYa said...

I. do. the. same. thing.


so ashamed.