Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who's your daddy

Dear Baby Girl,

Please please please please stop calling every man you see in Target daddy. Peeps are looking at your momma like she is holding out on you. It's bad enough I am that mom in Target with those boy's. I now am adding a baby girl who appears to not know who her daddy is. So for the sake of your momma's last remaining strands of sanity, please stop.



Acting Balanced Mom said...

It's pretty common I think :) both to associate daddy with men and to be curious about men... but you're right, I think its time to teacher her the word Mister... too cute- thanks for sharing :)

Ellemes said... Roo has taken to calling everyone Mommy and Daddy and seeing if they respond. She also calls me and her daddy by our first names. Seems like the more I try to get her to stop, the more she does it.

But it sure gets us some strange looks.

Danifred said...

Are the men she's calling Daddy at least hot?

Jenn said...

LOL! I am sure I won't be laughing when my little one starts talking and does this.

Frugal Vicki said...

I think I would prefer that over my son calling like 30-yr-old men Grandpa. I have gotten the dirty eye a few times on this one

Annette said...

LOL My twins used to do that a LOT!! It can be v embarrassing!! ;)

I've just found your blog via Cara Mamma, and I'm now following you! :) I clicked on your intriguing "Dirty Laundry" badge!

Glad to have found you!



MrsDixon said...

This is too funny! I just discovered your blog and love it!

Rebecca said...

Awesome! I can't tell you how many different fathers my twins have! It's so embarrassing sometimes when I'm like, "no, that's not your Daddy...we're still waiting for the test results." People look at me like I'm nuts!