Saturday, April 24, 2010

Backpack Inventory

With the boy's out of town, I am finding a lot of extra time on my hands. Baby Girl play's by herself and really can't be bothered with me today. I went into the boy's backpacks to pull out what came home on Friday and when I dug a little deeper I find the following items

The blue backpack contained
a tennis ball
2 paperclips
National Geographic
several rubber bands

The red backpack contained
6 quarters
rocks (big rocks)
2 books
an action figure
2 pencils

Kids are such hoarders....I wonder if they are going to notice I cleaned their backpacks out or if they are just going to refill them with more crap


Cara Mamma said...

enjoy all the time on your hands! :)

Danifred said...

Of course, those are all very logical things to hoard. I hoard rocks all the time.

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Ahh boys, gotta love them.