Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's Dirty Laundry

While my husband and I were out of town for Cara Mama's wedding (you remember where I got my new set of wine glasses) my mom took it upon herself to potty train baby girl. So what's my problem with that? She was not even 2 yet and I thought I had a good year before I had to give up the diapers....that's right you heard me I wanted her to stay in diapers.

My dirty laundry...I hate potty training so much I would rather change diapers then deal with it. It's even worse then the boy's with a girl. At least I could let the boy's pee where ever we were. "Mom gotta pee" pull over open the door and pee out the side of the van. A proud family tradition that we carry on today.

Now with a girl I have to actually carry potty equipment. I hate to carry equipment, I'm that mom who hits you up for a diaper and wipes at the bookstore

The equipment started with potty seat covers..can't let her sit on a public can I (reason 1 potty training girl's sucks). One fateful encounter with an automatic flush toilet (FU whoever invented this you have totally ruined my life) and she REFUSES to use a public potty. I mean kicking screaming arms flapping wild eyed refusal to even walk in the door. I then had to buy more equipment

The Potette...while it is a brilliant idea. I am now either dragging the damm thing around with me or running to the car

At baseball last week, of course at the back field, "Mommy, I need go pee pee" What does mom of the year say Come on my 2 year little peanut of a child let me teach you to pee in the woods, you can squat can't you...this idea did not go over well and I think the other mom's were dialing the cops. Off we run to the car which is 2 ball fields away so she can sit her happy bootie on her Potette.

So now, I, the mom who hates equipment now has to drag the Potette, bags, extra pull ups, change of clothes and my sanity every where I go. 

She wants to wear panties. I want to cry. This must be the start of the payback my mother is going to inflict on me through my own child


Danifred said...

I have never heard of that! It is very cute though.... for a toilet that is.

Rebecca said...

I'm so dreading this...I don't even think I'll ATTEMPT it until next summer...can't even go there.

If she'll go near another public toilet, you can put a post-it note over the sensor and it won't go off automatically.

Cara Mamma said...

You are a very dedicated Mama! Principessa had a little chair---Cara Mamma the Elder brought it all the way from Venice! Though I did not bring it in the car. xoxo

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

I am SOOOOOO not looking forward to potty training! At all. Period.

I have an award for you on my blog :)