Monday, April 19, 2010

Diva Drama

My Darling Baby Girl,

At the tender age of 2 your need for controls over your wardrobe is well, annoying cute(ish) to say the least. I am a fan of expressing your individuality, that is why both of your brothers look like they belong in a 70's cover band. But when expressing your own sense of style comes at the expense of my (fragile) sanity and disruption to our fragile morning schedule, I have to step in and put a stop to things. Yesterday when I left you in the capable hands of your Bubbe who has raised 3 very stylish children of her own, the fit you threw over the dress I picked out was monumental. 

I am a little unsettled by this diva behavior from you. You are my only girl. My youngest. I have 2 boy's, I have been inundated with trucks, baseball jersey's, tennis shoes and all things smelly boy. You are my only girl. You are my tutu, princess crown, pretty dress with tights and matching panties dream of all things girlie. You are only 2, your not suppose to care about what you wear yet. For the love of things pink and foofy Baby Girl let me put you in a damm tutu or a dress!

With Love,
Please Please wear the dress


Rebecca said...

Crazy, right? Hailey started two months ago...AT EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD!!! Her twin brother looks at her like she's lost her marbles as he's happiest if I simply skip the jeans. Good luck, Mama...I never thought I'd be dealing with wardrobe issues so young!

Tricia said...

Emily hides sneakers from me, she will only wear those God foresaken pink cowgirl boots a friend gave her or mary janes. If she sees I have an outfit out with sneakers I am usually on a scavenger hunt to find them. Yep.. I feel your pain. Somehow I know my mother is involved in this.. I am being paid back for something.

Shell said...

Oh, no, a fashion diva!

My oldest BOY is like that, though.

Danifred said...

Or you can come to my house, the land of only dresses. I have about thirty pairs of pants that I am hoping Bean will eventually wear since Tot has managed to ignore every. single. pair.

Frugal Vicki said...

I have the little shoe girl. She LOVES her shoes. She cracks me up

Cybil said...

My daughter is 7 and it continues at our house. At the age of 2, the little darling would not wear anything unless is was pink! At one point, she wore a pink wig every where we went as well!