Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You may break up with me

Sunday, I saw the most heinous display of 2 of my major pet peeves that I actually stalked this woman and her husband in Lowes to take pictures of then with my phone and 2 children in tow.

Let me back up......I have a lot  a couple serious pet peeves....doggybabies drive me up a friggin wall. I am sure I have a reader or follower who is a doggymommy to one of these doggybabies (I'm sure I do something that annoys the crap out of you so we will call it even)

I also throw up a little in my mouth hate men who carry "man bags" (they are a purse and really do you have that much shit to carry)

So let's break down these crimes against humanity  heinous infractions


You know they type, the women who's dog's have become their adult substitute for playing dolls and Barbie

They carry these dogs everywhere dressed in every crime of fashion they can find to stick these dogs in

The people who think that their dog would rather go everywhere they go

as opposed to staying home sprawled across the biggest bed in the house licking their butt on your pillow.

My other major annoyance.......

The man bag.....there no man hot enough to pull this look off, there is no way you really need to carry that much crap with you. Beyond keys and your wallet what the hell else can you need?

Sunday I take my boy's to Lowes to get grab some dirt and I see my worst nightmare.....a dogbaby STRAPPED into the front seat of a shopping cart pushed by his doggymommy and his doggydaddy with his man bag. I became so distracted by the sight I could not focus. I wanted to take a picture so bad. I knew it was wrong to do it but I was dying to get a picture.I followed them around the store......and I did it, I couldn't help myself

I snuck 2 pictures. My darling son blocked the woman's shoes which pretty much looked like this

Guess he needed the man bag to carry doggy treats and maybe a change of doggy outfits for their trip to the super market...........


Brittney said...

LMAO!!!! I hate that too!!! However Im not an animal person but My sister does this and it drives me INSANE!!!!!

Leiah said...

I'm dying here! The only thing separating this from the Trifecta of Tragedy is that it wasn't at Walmart. She had to buy those shoes at the Ho Sto. You know, where all the classy strippers shop.

Danifred said...

A doggy carrier, a man bag AND a stripper? Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Rebekah @ Mom-In-A-Million said...

There are no words to express how much I hate doggie babies. Who brings their dog shopping?????

The 3 Bishops said...

Came across your blog- While visiting some other blogs that I have just linked up to. Your blog makes me laugh. I love your views ! New follower here ! Since today is FRIDAY and the blogging trend is Friday Follower or New Friend Friday (whatever they call it ) I guess, you can say... I am tagging you. One thing about the blogging world - I've really enjoyed connecting with other. Glad I have stumbled across your blog and hope you will follow too ! Have a great weekend.

Pam said...

I freakin HATE doggy babies too! Check out this post on my blog:
Its a doggie high chair. Vomit.