Friday, May 21, 2010

Daily dose of judgement

brought to you by your family friendly blogger....ME!

First to all my new followers, thank you I love you and your check is in the mail. To all my followers who have been with me, thank you for not breaking up with me. I have had some nasty computer issues. It really means a lot that you didn't walk out on me like Levi did Bristol. I would make a really crappy poster child for abstainance.

Now that I am back on the horse, what better way then for me to pass judgement on other's.

I enjoy my adult beverages as much as the next momma. I also understand that some day's the hour of the first pour cannot come soon enough. This afternoon, I think the hour came too soon for some.

For future reference....the bus stop is too early. While my kiddos make me crazy, I am relatively calm while they are at school and do not feel my overwhelming urge to devour a bottle of wine like a box of cookies until 5:30 (5 is someone has been home sick).

Today, I passed 2 yes 2 mommas sitting in their chairs at the bus stop each with a beer. It was 3:15. At least try and hide the beer in a Diet Coke can.

As many of you know, I generally try to not judge other moms.  I feel very strongly that we all play on the same team and should support each other. I also enjoy a cold beer at 3:15, in the summer when we are at the beach and my husband can help parent.

So today I pass not drink beer at the bus stop at 3:15 it just screams "my kids will be watching TV all night because I will be passed out by 7"

Tonight, I declare my blog a judgement zone.....go ahead....judge away....get it off your chest...then have a beer


3boyzrenough said...

SO did they have a smoke in the other hand & 3 kids each!! And one on the way. At least go in a bar.
No judgment here just the fact maam.

Shell said...

That is a little much. I don't think it's appropriate to be sitting out at the bus stop drinking beer at that hour. In the summer, in your own backyard, sure.

Rebecca said...

First, I'm so glad that someone else judges.

Second, people sit at bus stops now? Are there chairs just for that purpose? I could get into that.

Third, I love my's no secret, but I typically imbibe when the kids are already in bed...sometimes a glass with dinner...sometimes a glass if I have a happy hour or something (OMG...that is so funny b/c I NEVER have happy hours...EVER)!

Fourth, you're right...pour it in a cup with all of those other drinking Moms we've seen on Oprah.

♥Cari♥ said...

There is no reason for that. It just looks soo tacky. I can't even imagine what their poor kid thinks. They are probably embarrassed beyond belief. I would be. ugh.

Paula@One Mom's Corner of the World said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. I'm your newest follower. Stop by my blog when you get the chance.

Danifred said...

Now THAT is classy!!!