Friday, July 9, 2010

My Boy's and Neanderthals a case study

As I watched my boys play in our yard tonight, it suddenly dawned on me that evolution was alive and well and not so evolved in my own little corner of the world. My boys are just North of our ancient ancestors.

Exhibit A:  They are physically unable to refrain touching, poking or smelling any bug they come across. It does not matter how big, small, dead or alive it is. They must investigate it.. 

Exhibit B: They collect every piece of shit they come across. Like they are preparing for an impending raid from the neighboring cavemen, they have horded enough shit off the ground to build a ball of rubber bands the size of a soccer ball, enough rocks to stone any dinosaur to death and countless other random items that they could use to barter their way out a cave jail

Exhibit C: They are totally unable to not fall on the floor at any given minute into a full fledged wrestling match that always ends up with some one getting their head slammed into the floor.

Science says we have evolved, one hour in my backyard will prove them wrong


Babes Mami said...

Gotta love boys!

Shell said...

OMG, I was CRACKING UP as I read this. Soooooo true!

Rebecca said...

Ahhhh...I'm not alone. When Hailey and I watch Matt, it's like watching the Discovery Channel!