Thursday, August 13, 2009

No, this is not a Democracy

Dear B,

I am so glad that you have finally lost a tooth. I am not sure how many more weeks I could take of the wiggling, screaming when I touched it and negotiation talks between you and the tooth fairy. I think you will make a fine lawyer or UN Ambassador one day. Your powers of negotiation and persuasion are fierce to say the least. But now I know where my mistake was, I told you so. Now I have sentenced myself to a life of closing arguments, labor talks and high stakes negotiations for every event in our daily lives. For example, when I told you it was time for bed, your rebuttal (there is always a rebuttal) consisted of "why don't you have to go to bed", "why do you get to make the rules", "why don't I get to be in charge of my life". While these are all valid concerns and questions, there is really only one good response to this. BECAUSE! Because I am the mom, because I said so and because this is not a democracy. So just do what I said.

Love Mommy

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Tricia said...

LOL! This is so funny and yet so true. Congrats on surviving tooth fairy 101, in a few years you will find dating 101. Where everything you think you knew in high school comes back and haunts you. Just remember these words "all girls but Mommy are evil" and as for when its Mia's turn "the best man to avoid a broken heart is Daddy"