Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Cold Hard Truth

OK my blog for today is Vegas, what I say here stays here because if the truth gets out I am in big trouble and will have to come live with you (and I'm a really bad house guest)

I think my husband knows all of these things but is too smart of a man to call me out on any of it

Confession Time

I love to do/ fold the laundry because I can hide in my room, watch Oprah and be alone

I dread bath time, it is a mess and I can't get it over soon enough

I "have" to sweep and mop every night because I would rather be knee deep in mop water, finish my wine and listen to the news then wrangle 3 over tired kids into their pj's

"I will do the dinner dishes" (see above)

When my husband is taking one child someplace I try and get another child to want and go too.

When my husband is going to run an errand I try and get my boy's to go with him

I like to make dinner. It gives me 30 or more minutes of semi-peace to listen to NPR and my husband has to be lego master doll dresser for awhile

I "have" to go potty upstairs (it's quiet there)

I "need" to run to Target now, I am out of  (fill in the blank) and then find therapy in the aisle's while I have a Starbucks (on a side note, I am seriously in love with the genius who came up with Starbucks in Target now if only they had babysitting and dry cleaning)

I will go get the mail, again a few minutes alone

Sometimes I drive around the block for an extra 5 minutes before I walk into Crazyville

I let my kids watch TV just so they will be quiet, stop fighting, nagging, whining or bugging each other (or me)

I really don't care if their clothes match, as long as they get themselves dressed and I don't have to hear about it

I like to vacuum, it drowns the noise out

I hate mommy/child classes and playgroups, I am not good at small talk, I don't like to sing, act like a kangaroo and jump in the ball pit (which totally gross me out but that is a different post).

I lie and say that Happy Meal's are missing toy's (among the other lie's I tell my kids for survival)

I give M gum or lollipop's in the car just so she will stop yelling ( I am aware of the monster I am creating, I'll deal with it later)

I put my kids to bed some nights without brushing their teeth (M most nights)

I have given my boy's mint gum at the bus stop because I forgot to brush their teeth

I sometimes have to totally checkout otherwise I may make an early entrance into the loony bin.


Shell said...

I must look like a crazy stalker, showing up here so many times today. But, I keep having trouble with your word verification and the scroll down box that won't let me scroll down. :(

Crazed Mama said...


Crazed Mama said...

I think I have the comment issue fixed, so go ahead and lay it on me! I love the attention

Danifred said...

There we go! Much, much better!
I don't know what I was going to say. I think I was mostly nodding my head as I was reading your list. Oh, and bath time? S.U.C.K.S.

Rebecca said...

Love it! I'm so glad I'm not the only Mom who hates bathtime...I absolutely h.a.t.e. it!!!

Danifred said...

I <3 your new design :)