Sunday, January 17, 2010


Really, I can think of no better title because there is so much naked at my house these days. Leaving the house last week, I have all 3 kids in the car, hats, coats, dressed....or so I thought. As I climb into the car, I see N has on no socks, it is 30 degrees out, we are running late, natural consequences, your feet will be cold, then he sheepishly say's "I don't have underwear on either". Please know that for a split second the words tough shit dangled so deliciously on my lips. But for fear of DSS, back into the house we go for underwear and socks.

This seems to be an ongoing theme with this child, he is adverse to underwear. He will put them on only if reminded, as if I have the mental capacity at this stage to remember one more thing. I shudder to think how many day's I have sent him to school without underwear on.

The naked theme takes a turn for the worse at bath time when I have 3 children running around the house naked and my blessed youngest can't help but grab at her brothers well, you know, like it is a toy, if you stay naked to long and M sees you, be sure you are in for a yank or a grab. She however finds great delight in chasing down her brothers and making them scream. Guess this is the beginning of the payback that will shuffle back and forth between them for many delightful years to come.

M herself has learned to strip down in a matter of seconds, no clothing can stand in her way. She has a fine future ahead or her for sure. She has decided that she would like to sit on the potty after she has stripped down and has realized that it is a good ploy to stay naked longer. "M come put your diaper on"  M responds "No potty" runs back to the potty sits and shoves her hand into the potty, "M get your hand out of there" "NO POTTY" this goes on and on because I am tired, I am sure I make 90% of my parenting mistakes just because I am tired, they (she) have worn me out.

When I came into my bathroom the other day I was confronted by the following sight

I found this image to sum up my life and house in so many different ways.
 Really, what say's "I love you Mom" more than a naked headless doll waving to you on the potty.

The true joy never ends in my home (someone make it stop please)


Cara Mamma said...

That picture is awesome. The question is...which one of your little angels thought of it? :)

Brandi said...

My son takes his underwear off when I'm not looking and I find them later stashed all over the house???

Shell said...

I'm constantly asking "Where are your pants???" around here. None of my boys likes to wear clothes. *SIGH*

Rebecca said...

That picture has me crying!!! It's classic! Naked kids are the best (and the worst). My brother used to escape out the front door (naked of course) playing his peen like a guitar. He'll never live that down.